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Everyone owns your face

Brad Esposito, writing about FaceApp and the hubbub about it being owned by a Russian company, for Pedestrian:

The reality is this: if you’re online in 2019 it’s highly likely that you don’t own the exclusive rights to your own face. That’s scary to think about – and definitely not good – but it is also the result of millions of people endlessly agreeing to a deal with a conglomerate mass of company’s they mistakenly trusted.

As for concerns that FaceApp is a particular worry because it’s Russian, well, it’s not like American companies are representing themselves well:

Yahoo, an American company, was the victim of one of the biggest data breaches in history when billions of user accounts were impacted. Facebook, an American company, went through its own security issues in September, when almost 50 million user accounts were impacted. Recently, Facebook received a $5 billion fine that actually increased Zuckerberg’s net worth by $1 billion. It’s almost like the national origin of these companies has nothing to do with the actual globalised issue.

If nothing else, at least we don’t rely on FaceApp for our day-to-day socialisation and communication. That’s a plus.

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