Google is an awful place to work (if you're a step removed from Google)

Casey Newton, reporting on conditions faced by content moderators at Accenture (who run Google’s largest moderation site in the US):

The cellphone ban has created a particular kind of dark comedy in the Austin office. Certain Accenture services require employees to log in using two-factor authentication, with expiring codes sent to workers’ phones. Since Accenture banned phones on the production floor, employees now have to race to the lockers where their phones are kept, then race back to their desks to enter the code before it expires. Accenture also banned pens and paper at employee desks, so employees who worry they’ll forget their code have to quickly scribble it on their hands before locking their phones back up and making the run back to their desk. Workers are now frequently seen sprinting through the office with a series of digits scrawled messily on their palms.

As if dealing with PTSD because of your day job isn’t enough. If you’re hiring people to watch acts of terrorism and child abuse all day, let them look at their phones at their desk.

This wouldn’t fly if it was happening within Google. And, even though this is a step removed from Google proper, they can’t absolve themselves from responsibility – especially when they created the problem these people are now tasked to solve.

h/t to Can Durak for the link.

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