kites can't jive: Buck by Brainstory 🎵

Buck is a hell of debut album. And apparently the band wrote all ten songs in ten days. That’s just showing off.

Brainstory mix jazz, soul, and 60s-era psych pop to make something swayable, swoonable, and singable. It’s perfect as background music for dinner and drinks with friends or for dancing around the kitchen as you get everything ready.

The rhythm section is simple enough to tap along with and the guitars will get you humming. The vocals float atop everything and so many of the hooks are memorable enough to get you singing along after a few listens.

“Dead End” is a clear highlight, asking an ever vital question – “How can anybody stay alive?” – in such a smooth way in becomes uplifting rather than an existential nightmare.

“Beautyful Beauti” and “Mnemophobia” are standout tracks too. Those three songs should provide a primer on the album as a whole. If you like them, give the record a spin.

Check out Buck on Apple Music or add kites can’t jive: the playlist to your library to never miss an album of the week. 🎵

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