Isopolis: big take in the clicky city

IsoCity is a fun isometric city builder, entirely in your browser. Perfect way to build a better world (like mine).

Now. I’m the kind of person who reads into things. And I find it disappointing that any city builder – even a small one – can have so few green spaces, public spaces, and public transport options.

There are a lot of roads and even something that could be interpreted as an entry to an underground parking lot. Both of which make perfect sense. But give me a park bench.

This isn’t a criticism of Victor Ribeiro, who made this lovely little thing. It’s just an acknowledgement that it’s easy to default to certain things when you think “city” and that those things mightn’t necessarily be the best things for a city’s health (and the health of the people living there). And those defaults shape what we make and build in the future.

Or it was just easier to make square things in a pleasantly chunky city builder. That’s cool too.

h/t to Kottke for the link.

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