kites can't jive: Life on Other Planets by Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch sound like a runaway train fuelled by good vibes.

I know that’s not a particularly helpful description of anything, let alone music. Something like “brass and percussion three-piece that combine horns with a dance sensibility” will probably give you a better sense of what the band sounds like. But it doesn’t capture the vibe of the thing.

And vibe matters. And the vibe here is dedicated to good times.

There’s not a moment on Life on Other Planets album I dislike. It’s impossible to sit still during “Candlelight”, a standout track that wouldn’t be out of place in either a small club or a raucous arena. “This Is Water”, “Nonphysical”, and “Too Much Hooch” will make anything you’re doing that little bit more joyous.

Moon Hooch take all the intricacy and smoothness of brass and jazz and fuse it with the rhythm and energy of dance at its best.

Life on Other Planets feels like the band at their best. My previous go round with them was 2016’s Joshua Tree EP, which was a great, albeit rougher, outing. This album, on the other hand, is refined and feels like a group of talent musicians just going for it. It was apparently recorded “series of… single-take performances” and it shows.

Two of the best gigs I’ve ever been too were put on by Too Many Zooz. Zooz have a similar sound to Moon Hooch (they’re a brass and drum trio as well), but they have a slightly more overt hip-hop influence to my ear, and this album is the closest thing I’ve heard that recreates the sheer, exuberant fun I had at those sets.

All I need now is a Too Many Zooz and Moon Hooch double header. Maybe throw Lucky Chops in there and we can really cut loose.

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