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Things that have invoked Siri since updating to iOS 13 and watchOS 6

  • Saying either “love you too” or “see you soon” to my partner on the phone (unclear which, likely the latter).
  • Something someone said on the radio, which was neither “Hey” nor “Siri”, while I was driving alone. I have, on numerous occasions, tried to invoke Siri intentionally while driving. It hasn’t worked.
  • My vacuum cleaner. (How?)
  • “Someone’s over there,” said while playing an online shooter with friends, leading me to say “not now Siri” in a panicked tone; my friends, fairly, laughed.
  • The question “Shall we?”
  • Casual conversation with my partner in the kitchen.
  • My vacuum, again. (Seriously, how?).
  • Almost any phrase with an S in it apart from “Hey Siri”.

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