Hacking your way to Spotify success

Want to ensure your new song has a great launch? Hack some Spotify accounts.

It looks like that was DJ Diddy’s plan, anyway. A few people on Twitter, one of whom is a friend of mine, reported that their accounts were hacked and made to play one of their songs, called “Monopoly” on repeat (in a playlist, of course, named FrkyFrDay777).

Looks like the campaign worked, too: “Monopoly” debuted at no. 185 in the US Top 200.

The campaign didn’t seem to generate much fanfare beyond a few confused or annoyed tweets. Given that Spotify didn’t seem to comment or confirm anything, there’s still the outside chance that this was an incredibly weird and specific bug.

But, assuming this was some kind of hack, I wonder get a bit of buzz in Spotify’s recommendation algorithm, small enough to not see a hammer brought down.

If there’s a system there, may as well try and game it. Especially if can come up with a hashtag as daft as FrkyFrDay777.

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