kites can't jive: Sisters by Spinifex Gum

It’s rare to come across an album that I know I’ll come back to again and again after one listen. Sisters is one of those albums.

Spinifex Gum is a collaboration between Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill of The Cat Empire (an Australian rock band with healthy doses of ska, funk, and jazz) and the all-female, all-Indigenous Marliya Choir. The project is described a “part protest, part celebration” and that’s appropriate.

Tracks like “Sunshine” partner a bright, energetic backing track with the choir’s beautiful, uplighting vocals to create something truly energising. Meanwhile, “Voice, Treaty, Truth, Now” is a shifts from moving to propulsive contribution to Australia’s consistent failure to atone for our past and to move forward.

“Voice, Treaty, Truth, Now” is all the more powerful since it’s followed up by “I Am The Greatest”. I’ve never heard a choir sing a more triumphant “fuck you” to the world. And it’s glorious.

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