Nofi beats: YouTube suspended ChilldedCow and "lofi hip hop radio - beats to relax/study to"

William Hughes for AV Club:

And yet, that rock of certainty was cruelly strip-mined out from under the feet of the internet last night, when YouTube briefly suspended the channel of ChilledCow, the semi-anonymous curator who’s been streaming the YouTube live playlist of relaxed musical selections for multiple years at this point. And while the channel has now been restored—along with a new YouTube Live video, now just a few hours old, rather than the 13,000-some it had last night—it’s a reminder of the weird legal area these swiftly-growing online institutions represent.

A tragedy. As much as I support the open web, I wouldn’t be mad if Apple dropped some money in ChilledCow’s bunk and made the 24/7 lofi hip hop radio part of Beats1.

The Girl is back now, working on homework she’ll never finish. Until the next Terms Of Service issue sends her away without warning, of course.

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