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Sending confetti is the superior way to text

Amelia Diamond:

Sending texts with confetti is, when ranked among this entire list, a superior way to converse. It takes your “okays” from just okay to Extremely Happy to Be Here. Finally texting a belated-birthday greeting to that friend who’s birthday you couldn’t find because it was saved in a voice note? Confetti! All’s forgiven. Want to convey irony but in a fun way? Confetti. There’s a satisfying haptic “pop” for both the sender and the recipient, which is 80% the reason I employ it. You don’t really have to say anything so long as you say it with confetti. Best part of all? No clean-up required.

The screen effects – confetti among them – are an unsung highlight of iMessage.

Echo gets a lot of play in my group chats. Nothing expresses a genuine desire to do something like dozens of thumbs-up emojis bouncing around your screen.

It’s a genuinely joyful feature. And there aren’t enough of those going around.

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