'No Solutions: A Personal Examination Of Online Anger'

Robert Daniels:

I’ve not been able to grapple with the ramifications of the past 72 hrs. It began with a slur, turned into tragedy, then a plea for kindness, and then the complete opposite of kindness ensuing from a director. Through every bit of this there was bullying, the normalization of a word that shouldn’t be, and a very slow-footed response to people of color who were equally as bullied and in trouble. It presents a lot of confirmations of what many think Twitter is, but not many solutions.

I don’t have any either, because some of this began and continued due to oversimplifications of very nuanced issues that are often attacked blindly or with only partial vision or not at all, and typically with a hatchet. I know that we’ve gotten terrible at emotional multitasking, of accepting many truths at once, and delineating the importance of each with respect to context. And that we still aren’t willing to be ever conscious of race and gender, or remembering that there are some who despise that ever-consciousness.

But we can become better at listening; become better at learning the appropriate responses to actions. We can strive to learn the appropriate responses to actions, to not minimize feelings nor slurs. And we can understand that “ally” is a four-letter word whose meaning and action shouldn’t only be understood during moments of crisis, but every day.

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