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Improv comedians are suffering because of COVID-19

Ryan Broderick in his great newsletter Garbage Day, writing about the plight of improv comedians (and a truly batshit meme):

This comes from my friend Billy. He dropped it into a group chat I’m in and said, “Ryan, can you please use your weirdo knowledge and explain this to me?” Apparently, a guy he knows from improv shared it on Facebook. Quick aside: It seems like improv comedians are being affected particularly hard by COVID-19. I heard about a disastrous Zoom call my friend was on recently where like 50 improv comedians all went one by one through the grid doing bits at each other. Truly grim stuff.

The ”this” in question? A drawing of Shrek and Fiona angrily watching doctors steal sauce from the knees of a anti-5G protester.

There’s a lot going on here.

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