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Women share stories of sexual assault in the world of video game streaming

Taylor Lorenz has pulled together a Twitter thread filled with allegations of sexual assault in the world of video game streaming:

Dozens of women in the gaming and streaming world are coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and assault against a slew of top Twitch streamers, YouTubers, gaming/esports influencers, and gaming industry personnel.

Both Twitch and Emmett Shear, Twitch’s CEO, released statements. Shear’s tweet started with the phrase “important conversation” and that always feels like a euphemism.

“Crazy how we keep fucking this up, huh?” wouldn’t be a good look, I guess.

The reality is that Twitch has failed – systematically – to build a healthy platform. Even their Safety Advisory Council was so poorly implemented that it became unsafe for one of its members.

This isn’t a new “important conversation”. It’s one that’s been happening time and time again but, so far, places like Twitch haven’t done anything real about it.

Just ask Justin Wong, a former VP at Twitch, who shared a story about how the company let someone accused of sexual harassment because he was another VP’s uncle and an “important” partner.

Meanwhile, pro-wrestling is confronting sexual assault in its world too. Countless women (and a few men) are sharing stories of assault and harassment and the people who did it and enabled it.

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