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kites can’t jive (August 2020)

Did I even listen to any new music in August? I know I did but I’d be hard pressed to tell what any of it was. No surprise: Melbourne in its hardest coronavirus lockdown yet and, yeah, time doesnt really exist any more.

Still, The Beth’s dropped a new album, Jump rope gazers, and that’s cause for celebration.

I adore The Beths. Their second albums expands on their fantastic debut without losing all the charm and personality that made it such a rush. Frontwoman Elizabeth Stokes has a real gift for humour and deft phrasing; there’s something new to fall in love with on every listen.

Other highlights

Super natural by Jonnie. A solo EP from one of the members of HTRK. Can’t go wrong.

ENERGY by Disclosure. Want some bangers? Have some bangers.

1000 gecs and The Tree of Clues by 100 gecs. More bangers but now they’re angry.

Always was by Briggs. A deadly EP from Senator Briggs.

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