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Sleep tracking in watchOS 7: simple but thoughtful

Ryan Christoffel, writing about the upcoming sleep tracking features in watchOS 7 for MacStories:

I’ve been using the new sleep-related features of Apple’s forthcoming OS versions for two full months now, and in true Apple fashion, they’re in some ways more comprehensive and elegant than third-party solutions, and in other ways they’re underpowered.

More or less what we expected. And Apple’s take on sleep tracking does have some truly ingenious touches:

A similar long-time annoyance I’ve had with the Apple Watch and iPhone’s alarm system involves the times I would get up before my alarm went off. In watchOS 7, the Apple Watch will detect when I seem to be awake and moving about before my alarm has come due and will send a notification that offers to turn my alarm off.

And, in typical Apple fashion, Ryan didn’t get the notification if he had just gotten up for a moment in the middle of the night. Fantastic feature.

My only question about sleep tracking and the Apple Watch: when are we going to see watch bands from Apple that are designed to be slept in? The current bands are fine but not the most comfortable for bed.

A lot of people would roll their eyes at watch bands for bed, sure, but people who really care about comfort and design would jump at them. So, you know, Apple’s core fan base. Bonus points if there’s a Pride edition as well.

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