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Windows 10 ignores your default browser to launch Edge

Microsoft have relaunched their Edge browser and they’d like you to know about it. In addition to randomly launching and pinning itself to taskbars (and being generally gross), Windows 10 is now bypassing your default browser settings for no good reason at all.1

The Windows 10 start menu has general search functionality: hit the Windows key, type your search query and, in addition to searching your software and files, it’ll also search the internet.

(As a fun bonus, if you search for your web browser the menu will also suggest Edge. Charming.)

Say you decide to follow one of those web searches. Windows won’t launch your default browser. That’d be too obvious. No, it’ll pop open Edge for you. And then ask if you’d like to make Edge your default web browser.

Really don’t see that happening any time soon. Sorry.

  1. Not that there was ever a good reason. 

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