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Austin Mann’s stunning iPhone 12 Pro review

Austin Mann’s reviews of iPhone cameras are beautiful. Gorgeous photos, great write ups. His take on the iPhone 12 Pro is no different.

There’s always one point or one shot that makes me think that maybe, just maybe, I need to splash out on a Pro version of an iPhone after all. Here’s this years:

Just like last year, when I first compared non-Night mode shots to Night mode shots, the results are not even in the same league. What software is doing with Night mode is truly a night and day difference. In one test, I found the Ultra Wide with Night mode on the iPhone 12 Pro captured a beautiful image where the Ultra Wide without Night mode on the iPhone 11 Pro rendered a mostly black frame full of noise.

I thought the iPhone 12 Pro version of this shot turned out gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how it looks as a B&W fine art print on the wall. Stop and consider that for a moment… because of Night mode and computational algorithms we went from “completely unusable dark frame” to “I want that on my wall.”

Check out those photos. Special things happen when great gear combines with great ability.

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