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Things that have set off Siri (Part 2)

Siri just wants to help. That’s all. Siri can offer a hand with a few things, sure, but their eagerness outstrips their usefulness.

It’s easy enough to invoke Apple’s AI assistant: just say “Hey Siri” and up they pop, ready to set a timer or answer a question or whatever. But Siri often jumps the gun. Ever a keen bean, they often interject for seemingly no reason at all.

I’ve already documented a few cases. Here’s part two of “Things that have set off Siri”.

  • “Where’s the cat?”
  • The vacuum, again. (I guess it kind of makes an Sssss sound?)
  • “What was that?”
  • “It’s such a good tweet.” (Thankfully this rarely comes up.)
  • “Don’t be silly, it’s a skillet.”
  • “Siri’s bad enough as it is.” (This one hurt.)
  • The kitchen tap running.
  • “Could you throw me the tissue box please?”
  • “I’m so mad.” (Siri popping in with “I’m listening” really didn’t help.)
  • “So I said to mum…”
  • “This all sounds mighty suspicious to me.” (Siri: officially sus.)

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