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WWDC ‘21 Wishlist

I’m not a picky nor demanding Apple user. The wants I have are minor when they’re not courageous. So, while some people have a mountainous list of suggestions for Apple, I have but a few dreams and wishes.

That said, while I may present them humbly, I’ll still expect them to be delivered to the letter. I’ll be in the subreddit if they’re not.

Buzz me when I need to recharge my AirPods case

Give me a friendly notification when my AirPods case is at 20% battery. Yes, there’s a widget for battery levels. But the case doesn’t appear there very often. Just give me a notification.

Any hint, whatsoever, that the Apple TV hardware has a future

And, no, those rumours of a TV, HomePod, camera combo don’t count.

I’m an unabashed Apple TV hardware apologist and I want the little box to have a future. It’s simple, it’s effect, and just straight up prefer it over the alternatives. Plus, like, I just bought all of Deadwood from Apple.

Whether it’s a hardware refresh or just a new remote, hook me up, Apple.

Update: Looks like I got my wish. Updated hardware (a spec bump, but okay) and a new Siri Remote. Good times.

More cool stuff in more countries

Expand your new Maps format and things like sending people money over iMessage to more countries. Or just Australia. That’s fine. I accept that I live in a less-than-key market but, you know, let me dream for a day.

Baked-in VPN

I’m tired of waiting for Mozilla VPN to launch in Australia. So bake a VPN service into your devices, Apple.

This won’t happen. China, for one, would have a conniption. And there’s something to be said for having a VPN that isn’t provided by a company that’s all about the walled garden. But it’d be simple and it’d match up well to all of Apple’s moves on privacy.

Try again with Apple News+

They might get it right eventually.

A Keychain app

The service is there and it’s not all that elegant. Just sherlock 1Password already (if you’re prepared to launch Keychain apps on Windows and Android, that is).

Option to default to alphabetical view in the App Library

I don’t care for your automatic folder options in the App Library and I don’t care to see them.

Normalise volume across different apps and sources

Every now and then, the volume of whatever I’m watching or listening to will just explode. The reason: usually ads. And it’s awful. This, realistically, is an app problem and it’s on developers to actually care about and fix. But it’d be nice if it could happen on an operating system level.

Literally any improvements to the App Store that acknowledge the myriad of fair grievances developers have

They may as well.

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