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Roblox went down, parents freaked out

In what must be the online version of stepping on a piece of Lego hiding in the carpet, Roblox went down for 24+ hours and parents everywhere know it.

Here’s Wesley Yin-Poole for Eurogamer:

And now, parents of children who play Roblox are up in arms. I’ve seen multiple posts on various parents’ Facebook groups complaining about their kids complaining about Roblox being down.

“Roblox is down. I repeat Roblox is down,” said one exasperated mum on the Happy Mum Happy Baby Facebook group last night.

“I have an all-boy household. I’ll need a whiskey later.”

“Honestly, my son was freaking out because it wouldn’t let me log on,” said another mum. “It was like the end of the world.”

Roblox, of course, is the uber-popular game platform where kids spend hours building games and other things. It’s been accused of exploiting young creators, which is in no way surprising.

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