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Alexa can fart (and may be experiencing severe gastric distress)

You can ask Alexa to do a lot of fun things. Fun fact: you can ask it to fart. Alexa will then also describe or comment on that fart.1

That means someone provided Alexa with a rich, nuanced library of fart sounds and commentary to match. What a day in the writers’ room that would’ve been.

In this TikTok video from @bigbadwohlf (YouTube mirror), wohlf whispers (prompting Alexa to do the same, really adding to the scene) and say’s ‘fart for me’.

Alexa responds with this.

Okay, here comes big fart. [farts] That was a deep one.

Shall I play another fart sound?

What follows sounds like Alexa is really working through something unhealthy. It really bubbles and gurgles.

So find your nearest Echo and let it rip. If you’re into that sort of thing.

  1. I asked Siri to fart and it said it “couldn’t help me with that”. Which, you know, fair. 

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