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An ungodly collection of emoji, ascii and text meme templates

Take the work out of expressing any thought, ever, with this handy-dandy list of text, emoji and ascii meme templates.

Nathan Allebach, doing the lord’s dirty work, has spent years gathering Twitter’s myriad memes) – like a hunter-gatherer forging for berries and mushrooms, delicately picking each new variety for documentation, some noxious, some delicious, some invasive.

There are some real classics in there. I’m partial to

┓┏┓┏┓┃ /     (x)

myself. It just has some chutzpah, you know?

Scrolling through the templates, though, really highlights just how many of them are elaborate ways to share banalities. We’ve spent a lot of energy, as a society, coming up with fun ways to say not all that much.

That sounds snippy but I don’t think it’s bad thing. People bond over sharing relatable, personal things. Those things are often pretty mundane. They’re little. And, to quote the single best Simpsons guest character (Hank Scorpio, obviously), “it’s the little things that make up life”.

We may as well have fun talking about them.

(To just complicate my point a little bit: those templates are often used to talk about bigger things, too. And there’s power in using the same formats for big and little things. You can sneak some pretty heavy stuff into people’s consciousness if you wrap it into a friendly format.)

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