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Even the 4chan edgelords think Elon Musk is cringe

In another attempt to show off his innovator credentials, Elon Musk combined JK Rowling style TERFism with COVID conspiracy nonsense.

Truly a powerful thinker.

It puts a neat little bow in his becoming every uncle the family is embarrassed by. He flashed his gun, he’s hocking kitchen appliances to make loan repayments and, now, he’s posting guff to impress the cashed-up versions of people who spend all their time in weird Facebook groups.

He’s generic, ya know? He’s even losing the kids.

Charlie Warzel explains:

But even as a far-right shitposter, Musk is hapless. Unlike somebody such as Donald Trump, who remains the Twitter troll template, Musk is a try-hard. And although the Twitter shock jocks will happily lap him up because he triggers the libs and serves their purposes, Musk is still seen as a dilettante by the inveterate shitposters and bigots. Over on 4chan, the far-right message board, Musk’s Fauci tweet barely merited discussion. “Elon is just being controversial to drive traffic to his website,” one poster mused. Even in his thirsty attempts to be an edgelord, Musk is failing to be anything other than cringey.

Maybe he can buy Habbo Hotel next to try and get them back onside.

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