kites can’t fly is about how social media, the internet, and Apple + tech miscellanea affect our lives for good or ill (with brief diversions elsewhere). Expect links to interesting things, thoughts on other things, and columns about yet more things. You know: blog stuff.

It mightn’t make you a better person but it may make you a marginally less bored one. If nothing else, all the music recommendations will give you something great to listen to.

kites can’t fly is written and produced by cory zanoni

About cory

I’m digital content person. I’ve made stuff and developed editorial strategies for some of Australia’s biggest and best media outlets, government bodies, and businesses. I’ve made one of Australia’s most disliked companies marginally less disliked and made comments on news articles marginally better (for a time).

A few other things: I’ve hosted a podcast about videogames and trying to be a better person, taught and lectured about making stuff online, and I have the world’s most handsome cat.

Want to say “hey”? There’s email and Twitter.


kites can’t fly is written in iA Writer, Drafts, and a mess of Muji and Field Notes notebooks. It’s powered by Jekyll (using a lightly modified version of the Simple theme), managed via Forestry, and hosted on Render.