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kites can‘t fly is about how we live with the news, the internet, and tech (with the occasional rumspringa). Expect links to interesting things, thoughts on social media, and reckons on how media outlets shape our world.

It mightn’t make you a better person but it may make you a marginally less bored one. If nothing else, all the music recommendations will give you something great to listen to.

Who’s Cory?

I’m digital content person. I’ve made stuff and developed editorial strategies for some of Australia’s biggest and best media outlets, government bodies, and businesses. I’ve made one of Australia’s most disliked companies marginally less disliked and made comments on news articles marginally better (for a time).

I, working for Australia’s biggest telco, once retweeted then-president Donald Trump to make a joke about 5G conspiracy theories.

(Our government relations team wasn’t thrilled about that one.)

A few other things: I’ve hosted a podcast about videogames and trying to be a better person, taught and lectured about making stuff online, and I have the world’s most handsome cats.

Want to say hey? There’s email and Twitter.

Analytics and privacy

I use Goat Counter for website analytics. Check their privacy policy for info about what they collect (not much). I collect page views, how people got to the site (e.g. Twitter, some other website) and the country visitors are based in. I’ve set Goat Counter to delete all data after 31 days.


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